Massage is a pleasant, energising treatment stimulating the self healing powers of the body. Muscles and nerves relax, your breathing becomes deeper and, above all, massage definitely eases your mind.

An hour just for you

Massage is a good way to reach your inner self. The power of massage lies in prevention, but it can also be used reduce complaints.

Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu massage is a Japanese massage technique. The idea is to apply a stable pressure that is exactly right for you, judged according to how your body responds.  This ensures a deep level of relaxation. Shiatsu massage strengthens the immune system and improves flexibility. The massage is applied over soft clothing.

Taoistic visceral / internal organ massage

This massage technique is effective on undefinable complaints of the belly, stomach and intestines, but can also be used when suffering from chronic diseases like Crohn’s. Tension, cramps and bloated feelings diminish.

Knots in the abdomen can cause pain. Most of the internal organs are muscular (small intestine, large intestine, bladder, gall bladder, heart, spleen, stomach, uterus). These muscular viscera can become tense, just like shoulders can become tense. Tensed organs can cause abdominal pain, but can also lead to back pain, hip/leg pain, migraines; in fact pain anywhere.

Non-muscular organs (kidneys, liver, lungs, pancreas) can became hardened and glued to the respiratory diaphragm, ribs, hip joint or spine. Releasing the adhesions allows the diaphragm to move more easily. Breathing deepens and health may also improve.

My story

In 1991 I suffered a whiplash injury. Various treatments did not succeed in curing it. The specialist said I would just have to learn to live with it. That’s what I did. I completed my HEAO (higher economic and administrative studies), got a good job and had two children, but was in almost continuous pain. In 2000, I looked for help again and started treatment with an acupuncturist. After four months I was completely cured.

For nine years I suffered daily pain until I discovered that a method had existed for thousands of years that could relieve my pain. Acupuncture should be much better known, I thought. Many people could benefit from it. That’s how I started learning about Chinese medicine. The more I read, the more enthusiastic I became. What possibilities!

In 2002, I decided to follow a 4 year HBO (Higher Professional Training) course in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Since then, I have kept up to date by studying a variety of massage, acupuncture, nutrition and yoga techniques. My current list of qualifications is as follows:

In 2003 I studied Chinese massage. In 2005 I followed a course in ear acupuncture and in 2006 an HBO course in Western Medicine. In 2009, I finished my shiatsu-massage study. I am also a certified cosmetic acupuncturist and followed the course Chi Nei Tsang – taoistic visceral massage. In 2009 and 2010, I studied science of nutrition according to Chinese Medicine and in 2010 the course TSEA electro acupuncture. In 2011 I studied Five Elements acupuncture. In 2012 I studied Cardio acupuncture. In 2012 I finished my yoga teacher training. In 2013, I completed a course in abdominal acupuncture. In 2014, I completed a course in scalp acupuncture. In 2015, I completed a NADA (National Acupuncture Detoxification Assiociation) course in ear acupuncture for addiction rehabilitation.

In 2016 I refreshed Western Medicine studies, in 2017 Psychosocial studies. In 2018 I learned how to work according to Dr. Tan, a method to treat unknown severe pain. Also I took Yin Yoga Medicine classes in Italy, the missing link between yoga & my treatments. This way people get personal tools to stay healthy. Back in the Netherlands I studied all belly-complaints, how to work with eye, ear and throat complaints and more about the relation between food & cancer. In 2019 I followed classes about digestive problems eand sleeping disorders. In 2020 Joseph Müller thought me the spritual meaning of every acupuncture point. Also in 2020 I learned how to use Xi Cleft points to solve physical and emotional blockages.


Sometimes a doctor or specialist is unable to treat your complaint. So it’s good to know that an acupuncturist adopts a different approach and can often treat you successfully. Of course, this is not always the case but still most people are helped when treated with acupuncture.

Flow of energy

It’s essential to have a good flow of energy through the body, with the energy ideally moving in a constant steady flow. This energy flow is sometimes disrupted and serious disruption may result in complaints.

Chinese medicine for body and mind

Chinese medicine is a complete medical system based on the relationship between body, mind and external factors. It allows successful treatment of both physical and emotional complaints.

Acupuncture: another approach to well-being. It’s effective, has no side-effects and tackles the root cause of the problem.

Acupuncture for children too

Babies and children can also be treated with good results. In these treatments, I use special pins reducing to a minimum the chance of any pain. It’s well known that children respond quickly to acupuncture treatment. Fewer pins and fewer treatment sessions are required than with adults.

Hyperactivity, allergy complaints, chronic ear inflammation, chronic colds, asthma, eczema, sleeping problems, bedwetting, constipation and diarrhoea are examples of complaints that can be successfully treated.

How did my internal organs get so tense?

Caffeine makes every muscle in your body tense, including the involuntary muscles in the viscera. Negative emotions and emotional tension, sitting for many hours or some food allergies make the viscera become tense. Alcohol, other drugs and toxins make the liver become hardened. Infections and parasites can make the gut tense. Trauma (accidents, injuries, surgeries) can create tension in the viscera.

Visible results of visceral massage

Besides the results that can be felt, like less belly ache, you’ll see in the mirror the difference between your distorted posture before the treatment and your improved posture afterwards. Protruding abdomens (pot-bellies) flatten. The lower back flattens, your pelvis becomes less tipped forward, the body lengthens and the chest lifts.


Praktijk Eindhoven is the practice of Sas Odenthal, certified acupuncturist, certified shiatsu-practitioner and certified yoga teacher.

Complementary healthcare insurance?

Most healthcare insurance companies reimburse the costs of acupuncture treatment because Sas Odenthal is a member of Zhong, the Dutch Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

So treatment might be covered by your healthcare insurer.

The amount of the reimbursement depends on your policy.



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