Naomi (English), Eindhoven, 43 jaar

Sas has all the qualities that you would want in an alternative health practitioner. She is warm, empathetic, generous, and has a listening ear. Above all, she is completely honest and always has the client’s best interests at heart. Sas takes a holistic approach and suggests simple, low-cost lifestyle changes before considering whether acupuncture will provide any additional benefit. She only recommends treatment if she truly believes it will help in your case. The practice is an oasis of calm in the city and I always leave feeling relaxed and energised. As a yoga teacher, Sas teaches you how to maximise your potential while ensuring that you don’t overexert yourself. She manages to pay individual attention to each participant without interrupting the flow of the class. Despite the high quality of the teaching, the atmosphere in the class is always relaxed, friendly and fun. Everyone is made to feel welcome. I’ve also attended workshops in massage and meditation, led by Sas and other members of her team, which were fantastic. I cannot recommend the practice highly enough.


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juli 25, 2021